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Active Vibration Isolation Solutions for SEM/TEM Microscopes

Compact modular active vibration isolation systems
counteract vibrations affecting SEM’s and TEM’s.
Stationed on multiple, independent isolators - ArisMDxxx has the capacity to support load of massive machines up to 4000kg.
Low Profile isolators 270x230x75 mm, provides simple
installation which not require microscope lifting and

Key Benefits
• Patented Architecture
• Active Vibration Isolation in all Six Degree of Freedom
• Shortest in height, lightest in weight
• Requires no follow-up tuning
• Improves microscope performance and quality
• Easy Integrates into SEM/TEM Workstation environment

SEM Images Comparison before and after installing active vibration isolation
Without Vibration Isolation
With Active Vibration Isolation

Click to Download Application Note of ArisMD or sotomd usage for SEM, TEM and Heavy Machines 

Click to Download Application Note of ArisMD or sotomd installation procedure for SEM, TEM and Heavy Machines, comparing to other existing techniques 

K&S Vibration Isolation Solutions

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